Introducing Todo Of Happiness

Adriatik Gashi
4 min readFeb 14, 2024


A year ago, I began experimenting with ways to increase my daily happiness. Through this journey, I discovered a simple truth: setting achievable goals for things that bring me joy is key to my happiness. These goals need not be big they can be as simple as taking a walk, calling my mother, or hitting the gym.

Initially, I started with just one daily goal, which soon became a habit. However, I realized that to further enhance my happiness, I needed to challenge myself more. So, after a few weeks, I began adding two tasks per day. Although more demanding, this change allowed me to spend more quality time with myself and enjoy the process.

After maintaining momentum for 90 days, I pushed myself even further by adding a third daily task. This increased my awareness of my daily routines and amplified my overall happiness.

This journey led me to develop a structured framework called the “Todo of Happiness,” which I am excited to share with you today.

The Todo of Happiness consists of three progressive phases:

Phase 1 (21 days):

  • Complete one task daily.
  • If successful, advance to Phase 2
  • If unsuccessful, restart Phase 1.

Phase 2 (90 days):

  • Complete two tasks daily.
  • If successful, advance to Phase 3
  • If unsuccessful, restart Phase 2.

Phase 3 (180 days):

  • Complete three tasks daily.
  • If successful, you have mastered the path.
  • If unsuccessful, restart Phase 3.

How does it work?

First Establish a GOAL

It’s widely recognized that accomplishing desired goals or even making incremental progress toward them tends to boost our happiness levels. To fully leverage the framework, we encourage you to ESTABLISH A GOAL and pursue it across the three phases. Your goal could involve weight loss, securing a raise, improving your relationships, or anything else that deeply resonates with you. Begin by taking one action that propels you closer to that goal.

Write things DOWN (every day)

Start with Day 1 — Phase 1 like in the example below:

Todo Of Happiness — Pen & Paper Example

At the end of each day, mark it as a Happy Day (H) if you complete all tasks, or an Unhappy Day (U) if you don’t. If you complete a task but still feel unhappy, reflect on why and make necessary adjustments.

Remember, consistency is key. If you forget tasks or fail to complete them, restart the phase to maintain the integrity of the process.

Don’t do’s

Avoid adding substantial tasks that cannot be accomplished within a single day, particularly goals such as “Lose 5kg” or “Make 1 million dollars”. Instead add “Exercise for 45 minutes” or “Work on X project” or “Call X for the Y project” etc.

In case you hate pen & paper then you can download our app which is available on iOS by going to our web: or searching on app store: Todo Of Happiness.

The main advantages of using the app:

  • Keep track with reminders
  • See real time progress
  • Earn awards for each phase
  • Home screen progress widgets
  • Meditations & Sleep Stories
  • Ai Chat & Recommendations &
  • Sunset Simulation

This is how the app looks like when adding todo and when wining an award

Todo Of Happiness — Add Todo & Earn Awards

and this is Meditations, Sleep Stories and Ai recommendations

Todo Of Happiness — Meditations, Sleep Stories & Ai

The app is not FREE but offers 7 days FREE trial.

Other frequent questions & answers

What can I add?
Anything that resonates with your current goals and happiness.

Can I repeat the same task daily?
Yes, if that brings you happiness and moves you forward toward your goals.

What if I do a task and still don’t feel happy?
Then as a fallback you have meditations which can help you increase happiness but make sure the next day you write exactly what needs to be done to increase your happiness. In that case you can leave a note on our app or on paper why did that happened.


This framework is built to make us aware on our busy day to day lives and has been proven to quite number of people that it works. I would suggest you give it a try and let me know if it worked for you. Feel free to contact me on email or LinkedIn



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